White People

First we should understand that blacks in the US are a very unified voting bloc, and tend toward social conservatism, theocracy (blacks are more religious than whites) and racial socialism. They make up about a quarter of the democrat party and being unified makes them function like a sledgehammer in politics. While they lack the power to initiate on a national scale, they can determine the outcome of proposals and can initiate at the city level.

White people are and have always been a global minority and only dominated the world for a short period. Depending where one sets the starting point, from 1500, and will probably end around 2050. In this period classical liberal ideas about free markets and land and capital belonging not to a feudal lord - as was the case in China, Japan, the Islamic world and Europe prior - but to the individual, there was a fundamental shift in global living standards.

"Industrialization" occurred creating a standard of living as we know it. European invasions of Africa crushed the petty totalitarian kingdoms and brought a higher standard of living to the people there. Invasions of the Americas, while initially bringing in old world diseases and causing multiple megadeaths of the natives, created an agricultural and industrial revolution that allowed those populations to boom far past the height of the Mayan and Incan empires.

Warfare became more humane, as the Europeans developed “rules of war”.

The United Kingdom enforced a global boycott on slavery in 1833, and certainly by 1950 slavery was not legally recognized by any state in the world, an unprecedented event in world history.

Roughly as many African slaves were sent to the Americas as to the Arab world, though African males were typically castrated or at any rate prevented from breeding, which is why the Arab world doesn’t have a large population of ex-slaves.

The descendants of black slaves in white countries have a standard of living that is the envy of the world, with blacks attempting to escape the US or other European state being virtually unheard of.

White people are responsible for inventing a disproportionate number of the industrial improvements and life enhancers despite the Negro college fund’s attempts at racist credit-theft through black invention myths. Black invention myths are not only a collective attack on a race, but on the actual inventors of peanut butter, the lawnmower, the stoplight and various other things.

Whites, by far, are the least racist people on the planet as well. This doesn’t have to do with implicit or brain-stem racism. If a black man is standing behind me, I am more concerned than if a white man is, and that’s an entirely rational way to feel. Anyone who says that’s “wrong” is telling you to put human-creationist insanity above your own safety.

It has to do with conscious decisions to put notions of the “greater good” over what’s perceived to be good for white people. There is no major political party that openly speaks for white interests in the US. White nationalism, despite seeking only separation and secession, is uniquely attacked far greater than the positive demands for “reparations” of black and amerindian nationalists - mostly by other whites.

I’m definitely not saying one should identify with one’s race, I identify with a political movement - first with my personal brand of anti-statism, then with “anarcho-capitalism”, then with libertarianism. That’s my “tribe”. Some value the superficial basket of characteristics that make up a race more than ideas.

I’m just saying that white people are not oppressors today and clearly have been a net benefit to all people from a grand collective-historical view and colonial rule was virtually always less oppressive than “home rule”.

Whatever horrible acts were committed by white states, they were always normal for the time, and moreover it was white-dominated law that spearheaded the shift toward openness and the removal of political barriers.

In terms of collectives, white people on the aggregate don’t owe the rest of the world a thing.

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